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How Digital Dental Ecosystems Will Change Our World

There is so much noise surrounding the dental practice today! Digital this and milling that, going paperless, HIPPA compliance, 3D imaging and virtual models are just a few of the buzz words of our dental publications today. Do you find yourself frustrated trying to keep up? Do you sometimes feel the world is passing you by? Everything these days costs so much! What equipment should I invest in to keep my practice up to date?

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How to Fix Your Burn-Out in Dentistry

A generally negative attitude.
Inability to concentrate.
Feelings of stagnation and frustration.
Short temper.
Constant exhaustion.
Frequent boredom. 

Do any of these describe you at work? If so, you might be headed down the dark path of (unnecessary) burn-out in your dental career.

Dr. Peter Dawson often says, “dentistry is the most exciting hobby in the world.” That might sound like a load of bologna, though, if you’re experiencing poor work/life balance, case failures, low treatment acceptance, high patient volume, low profitability and the list goes on.

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If a patient is in pain before loading begins, is the patient completely in CR?

This video is an excerpt from the April 2015 Dawson Faculty Office Hours with Drs. Leonard Hess and Rajeev Upadya. To watch the full office hours and to sign up for future office hours, visit the Videos and Webinars page

Question: If a patient is having pain when manipulated into Centric Relation (CR) before loading even begins are you suspecting that the patient is not completely in CR, or maybe intracapsular disorder?

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When a patient has more pain after wearing a B-Splint

This video is an excerpt from the June 2015 Dawson Faculty Office Hours with Drs. Jeff Scott and Steve Hoard. Moderating is Dr. Pio Modi (PM). To watch the full office hours and to sign up for future office hours, visit the Videos and Webinars page

The following is a transcription of this video excerpt. 

Question: What do you do with a pain patient who has more pain after wearing a B-Splint?

JS: The first thing is: take it out. You knew that already. The point is - the pain got worse. Now I don't know exactly what pain that person had to start with (because that information wasn't provided with this question) - was it joint pain or muscle pain? 

If you're wearing a B-Splint, typically that's an anterior deprogrammer, that appliance is designed to help with muscle incordination and clenching. Now we can't get rid of clenching completely. We just decrease the amount of muscle contractive force by 70% by putting an anterior deprogrammer in. So you say, well it's not going to 0, but a person that's had a lot of headaches and pain from clenching will get a lot better by wearing a B-Splint.

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How to Break Out of Your Dental Insurance Mindset

It is extremely common in today’s society for patients to be influenced by insurance companies. Patients often believe the insurance company is the last word when it comes to defining quality and necessary care. If you have ever had an unwarranted claim denial, a letter to your patient explaining you are trying to over-treat, suffered an undue delay in reimbursement, or had a patient tell you: “Just do what the insurance will pay for,” you know exactly the kind of havoc caused by this type of thinking. This frustration is why dental offices around the country are beginning to offer in-office dental savings plans.

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