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What The Dawson Academy Asian Lecture Tour Taught Me

12 days, 12 planes, 11 presentations, 7 cities, 1 suitcase, 1 message

(and dozens of mosquito bites and a bottle of Advil…)

Through a global educational collaborative with our corporate partners at BioResearch Associates, along with their Asian distributors, I have had the unique opportunity to spend almost 2 weeks in the beautiful countries of India and Thailand, speaking on both TMD and the Dawson Academy philosophy of “The Concept of Complete Dentistry.” The similarities of these countries outweigh their differences; both rooted in culture, faith, respect, and loyalty, as is all of Asia.

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Your Checklist for Selecting Dental CE Courses

Dental CE courses are more than something you need to cross off your to-do list.

In The Dawson Academy office we have a plaque with a quote on it that we all find very important. The plaque says:

"The professional man has no right to be other than a continuous student,” - Greene Vardinand Black.

No matter what industry you work in, it is important to continue learning and advancing your skills throughout your career. When it comes to the dental industry, continuing to learn is crucial for providing great, complete patient care.

Selecting where you will take your dental continuing education courses can be confusing and overwhelming, though. Should you just take your CE at dental meetings? Would a free course in your area suffice? Should you go to an organization, like us, that all they do is teach CE courses? 

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[Webinar] The More Complete 'Complete Dentist'

You can really get involved in the broader spectrum of dentistry, taking the concepts that we’ve learned at The Dawson Academy and expanding those into the whole body.

Today we have so many great things happening in the medical field. As you look here at the titles of books being written, you’ll notice each one of them are written by an M.D.

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The Importance of the “Periodontal-Systemic Connection”

The emerging body of knowledge within oral-systemic science and the changing nature of the healthcare environment are having a dramatic impact on the practice of dentistry. In the coming years (or even months) dental professionals will be required to play a larger role in collaborative healthcare management teams, as community practice continues its transition to an inter-professional care model.

Current estimates indicate that 75% of the North American population has some form of periodontal disease with approximately 15% demonstrating severe disease. These untreated oral infections have systemic effects.

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3 Ways Technology Helps Dentists With Patient Communication

If you’re anything like me (and most of our faculty), you like your gadgets and apps. I’ve got my smartphone, tablet, computer and an apple TV just to name a few. And of course, each of those devices have all kinds of apps on them.

These devices and apps help make my life easier – I can get directions to a new place without studying a map. I can avoid waiting in line at the bank by depositing a check via my phone. And I can even check in to a flight and access my boarding pass on my phone. But technology and apps don’t just help in our personal lives, they can help when it comes to a dental practice.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Digital Photos in Your Dental Practice

The use of digital photography has changed the practice of Complete Dentistry for the better.  One reason is it allows us to view, edit, and modify images with ease.  

A fundamental goal of Complete Dentistry is to provide patients with predictable, natural and long lasting restorations.  The use of digital photography is a great way to help achieve this goal, allowing the treatment planning process (16 Step Checklist) to be more predictable.  

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