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The Process for Occlusal Splint Therapy

This video is an excerpt from the April 2015 Dawson Faculty Office Hours with Drs. Leonard Hess and Rajeev Upadya. To watch the full office hours and to sign up for future office hours, visit the Videos and Webinars page

The following is a transcription of this video excerpt. 

Question: Describe your process for splint therapy

Dr. Leonard Hess: Ok that's a great question. If we have somebody we are suspecting has an intercapsular issue, which would be a medial pole issue, then we place them in a full-coverage orthotic splint (an SRS splint) so that we are meeting the requirements of occlusal stability; we are getting even contact, canine guidance and protrusive guidance.  That patient will go into splint therapy where we monitor them on a regular basis to see if the splint needs to be adjusted. As the joint becomes healthier, the splint almost becomes a bandaid. As we adjust it, we should see the joint to start to seat into the fossae again completely. We should be able to nurture the joint back into good health.

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18 Common Errors During the Dental Records Process

Can you imagine building an expensive home or a complicated remodeling project without accurate measurements or plans? Unfortunately everyday our dental laboratories are asked to fabricate restorations with inaccurate records. I spoke with lab technician extraordinaire, Walt Richardson CDT from Bay View Dental Laboratory to add a lab’s perspective to my 34 years of dental experience.

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