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Questions you should be asking your specialists and lab technicians.


By Shannon Johnson, DDS 

As general dentists, we methodically work through a patient’s problem list, taking patient specific wants and needs into consideration, to create a roadmap for optimum oral health.  Together with the help of our patient and our team, we strive to create a masterpiece that, once completed, restores our patient back to health—physically and emotionally.  

As dentists, we are always striving to better our clinical skills and our ability to deliver high quality care through hours of continuing dental education. Yet, for many of us, we do not spend enough time nurturing our team relationships.  I am not speaking of only our staff, but also our lab technicians and referring specialists.  

The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself in 2013.

Hickman plaque resized 600

What's your vision in 2014?

As 2013 comes to a close and 2014 approaches, I encourage you to spend time in reflection and planning. Get a pad of paper and a pen to answer these questions:

Dentistry Challenges Around the Globe

Dental Courses Worldwide

By: Joan Forrest, President & CEO

Within the last two weeks, we have had dentists from Japan, Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Australia attend The Dawson Academy's Dental Classes.  When talking about the challenges they face, the answers are remarkably the same, regardless of the country.  And the challenges identified are those we most often hear from dentists in the United States.

Most Common Dental Challenge

The most often cited challenge is the lack of practical knowledge of occlusion.  And, worldwide, as the demand for anterior esthetic dentistry has increased, the failures resulting from this lack of knowledge have increased.  Dr. Alexey Goncharov, from Russia, commented that he sees too many cases of broken and chipped veneers resulting from violations of the ten factors of occlusion.   He also expressed the difficulty in finding orthodontists and laboratory technicians to work with who understand and practice in centric relation.  Fortunately, his Orthodontist, Dr. Evgeny Zubrilin attended the classes with him, which they both felt was extremely beneficial.

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