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The Do's and Dont's of Great Dentists

From over 35 years of teaching dentists, we have noticed a few characteristics and actions that differentiate great dentists from average dentists. What's more, we have noticed these characteristics and actions hold true regardless of where a dentist practices in the world or how long they've been practicing.

The following infographic outlines the Do's and Dont's of Great Dentists.

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How to Fix Your Burn-Out in Dentistry

A generally negative attitude.
Inability to concentrate.
Feelings of stagnation and frustration.
Short temper.
Constant exhaustion.
Frequent boredom. 

Do any of these describe you at work? If so, you might be headed down the dark path of (unnecessary) burn-out in your dental career.

Dr. Peter Dawson often says, “dentistry is the most exciting hobby in the world.” That might sound like a load of bologna, though, if you’re experiencing poor work/life balance, case failures, low treatment acceptance, high patient volume, low profitability and the list goes on.

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