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Dawson Quick Tip: Phasing Dental Treatment



How to Phase Dental TreatmentA lot of the challenges that we face in complete dentistry is often that we need multiple restorations, and not every patient can afford to do everything all at once.

But don't be afraid to know that-- once we can work out the design and we know where the teeth need to reside in space, that there's plenty of things that we can do with composite to hold them where centric relation equals maximum intercuspation.

Then, once we've got that, now we can start to build this occlusion one tooth at a time, two teeth at a time, three teeth at a time.

It's a great way of being able to transition your patients from needing restorations to the final result. It'll help more of your patients achieve their goals. And there's nothing more rewarding than having spent maybe a few years and suddenly finding out that now we're at the end of that and we've achieved what we want to achieve in the beginning.

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