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Webinar: Dental Insurance Roundtable

Dental Insurance WebinarPatients love having dental coverage and employers compete for employees by subsidizing these benefits; all the while insurance companies profit handsomely connecting everyone through networks. Every single dental practice is affected by 3rd party dental benefit plans on a daily basis and this subject is the focus of many questions The Dawson Academy faculty receive at each of our courses.

During this hour-long roundtable format webinar, Drs. Upadya and Hess bring different perspectives, including being in and out of network, transitioning to fee-for-service, and working in both associate and group practices. As a practice management consultant, Larry Guzzardo has worked with scores of dentists throughout the country helping them choose a strategy that works best for their situation. He also helps dentists implement plans to grow their practices while serving their patients' best interests.

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How to Communicate Dental Insurance With Patietns


Doyle Freano, Jr., D.M.D. graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1980 with a degree in Biology, and in 1982 received a degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. From 1987 thru 1994 Dr. Freano was an Associate Professor for Oral Diagnosis and Oral medicine at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Currently he owns a private practice in Lexington, Kentucky, and serves on the Volunteer Faculty at the Lexington Community College Dental Hygiene. Dr. Freano maintains professional memberships in the American Dental Association, Kentucky Dental Association and Bluegrass Dental Association, the American Orthodontic Society, and in 1993, completed an advanced course of study for general dentists with the International Dental Institute in Montreal, Canada for Dentofacial Orthopaedics and Orthodontics for General Practioners.