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Dr. Ian Buckle, BDS is the Director of The Dawson Academy U.K and a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy. He owns Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral, England where he practices fulltime. He lectures on minimally invasive dentistry, digital dentistry and interdisciplinary dentistry.

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How photography can benefit your dental practice

When we look at photography in our practice, it is perhaps the single most important thing we do these days. When I speak to my patients about it, we are talking about using photography first of all in records, so we know how they are today. It also allows them to see what I can see, because most patients have never seen their mouth the way we see when we examine them.

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Webinar: Using Composite to Create a Stable Occlusion

In this presentation, Dr. Ian Buckle will discuss and describe methods to  utilize composite to create occlusal stability both temporarily and as a transitional phase. Being able to provide occlusal stability in such a way will enable treatment plans to be spread over a long period of time easing the economic strain on the patient and allowing more patients to embrace complete solutions.

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Dental Webinar: Occlusal Principles for Esthetic & Everyday Dentistry

Our patients want beautiful smiles. They also expect a smile that will be comfortable, healthy and long-lasting.

Understanding that esthetics is just one part of Complete Dentistry allow us to provide solutions that make our dentistry predictable, beautiful and long lasting whilst meeting our patients needs and desires.  In his presentation, Dr. Ian Buckle will explain how understanding occlusion will allow you to do more dentistry with increased efficiency and productivity. He will also explain why a complete examination is essential and is the corner stone of the Complete Dentistry process.

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