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Dr. Pio Modi is the Associate Director of the Ambassador Program for the Dawson Academy and the Study Club leader for the Toronto Club. He maintains a private practice in Brantford, Ontario, Canada with a specific focus on Full Arch Restorative, Cosmetic and Implant/Surgical Dentistry.

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Webinar | The Socket: Inside and Out

One of the most challenging areas in implant dentistry is managing a socket post-extraction.

Specifically, the challenge in how to maintain the socket to allow for an ideal foundation for future implant placement. This webinar will look at the extraction socket from all angles including the biology and how it changes to ways to preserve the socket. Grafting materials and suturing techniques will be discussed along with a video demonstration of a socket preservation on a model.

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Dentist Education: How Do I Predictably Prep Second Molars?

When delivering a single crown, probably the toughest tooth we can prep for is the second molar.

There are a couple things to be aware of when prepping second molars:

1. Limited Opening

One, usually, there's a limited opening in that area, so when you are prepping the tooth, you have to give the patient breaks because you're going to have to ask them to open quite a bit.

2. Wear and Tight Neutral Zone

The second thing, which is more of a concern, is the wear in that area and also the tight neutral zone.

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How are Real Teeth and Implants Different?

When looking at implants versus teeth, it is very important to consider the differences between them. There are many differences.

One difference that's very important for us as Dawson Dentists to consider is that a tooth has a periodontal ligament, the PDL. An implant does not.

An implant is essentially an ankylosed unit.

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Dentists: What is fremitus and why is it important?

Fremitus is the perceived vibration of a tooth when it comes into contact with another tooth.

This is very important for a number of reasons. It is something we should look at in our new patient examinations and is something that we have to check and make sure that is not present when we are finishing occlusal equilibration.

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Quick Tip: Words to Use with Patients (and Avoid)

As Dawson-trained dentists, one of things that is most exciting and fun for us is going over specialty treatment. Taking our patients to records and going over the checklists, the photos, and the Wizard, and figuring out a long-term treatment plan for them.

The problem is, that we experience at our office, is getting our patients to records. Some of the terms that we use are confusing and we lose them in the process.

As Dr. Dawson told us, a word such as equilibration is a word we should never use. There are a lot of ways, both Dr. Dawson and the lead faculty communicate to patients in layman's terms to help simplify the process.

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