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Dr. Rajeev Upadya, D.M.D. is a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, and he launched The Dawson Academy in India in 2014. He owns Esthetic Dental Care in Florham Park, New Jersey where he practices fulltime.

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Tips for Training Your Front Desk on Complete Dentistry

Training your front desk on complete dentistry is vital to making complete dentistry work in your office. It is maybe not so practical for us to bring all of our teams and our staff to every single talk and course that we take. However, if you can come back and have an office meeting after the courses, even for maybe a 1/2 an hour, reviewing the general principles of what we have been taught at The Dawson Academy, I think that will go a long way with your front desk understanding why we are doing what we are doing.

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Dawson Quick Tip: Would I Do It On Me?

WIDIOM is the Dawson Academy acronym for Would I Do It On Me.

I think of it kind of like the modern-day golden rule. It's how I live my life. It's how I treat my patients. It's how I treat my family. I think about every single thing that I do with the idea of, is this what I would want somebody else to be doing or suggesting to me?

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How to Communicate the Need for a Complete Exam to Patients

This video is an excerpt from the April 2015 Dawson Faculty Office Hours with Drs. Leonard Hess and Rajeev Upadya. To watch the full office hours and to sign up for future office hours, visit the Videos and Webinars page

The following is a transcription of this video excerpt. 

Question from Devin:

Most patients at my practice expect quick fix dentistry: quick checkups and x-rays. 

I feel overwhelmed by all the signs of instability I see and feel like I need to do complete exams for everyone, but it's hard to convince them of the need for it when they just want a cleaning and fillings.

I try splitting the exam and doing photos to show them why we need a complete exam, and then book a second visit for the full thing. Any suggesions?

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What The Dawson Academy Asian Lecture Tour Taught Me

12 days, 12 planes, 11 presentations, 7 cities, 1 suitcase, 1 message

(and dozens of mosquito bites and a bottle of Advil…)

Through a global educational collaborative with our corporate partners at BioResearch Associates, along with their Asian distributors, I have had the unique opportunity to spend almost 2 weeks in the beautiful countries of India and Thailand, speaking on both TMD and the Dawson Academy philosophy of “The Concept of Complete Dentistry.” The similarities of these countries outweigh their differences; both rooted in culture, faith, respect, and loyalty, as is all of Asia.

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Dentists: When You Should Use Anterior Deprogramming Appliance & Why

Lucia jigs, NTI’s, Cranham deprogrammers, and Dawson B-Splints all fall into the broad category of temporomandibular joint disorder diagnosis appliances.  There are specific reasons as to why you may want to use one type over another when diagnosing a possible TMJ problem, but at their core they all achieve the same goal, getting centric relation by eliminating muscle hyperactivity.

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Why Co-Diagnosis is Essential to Treatment Acceptance

Times have definitely changed.  The generation of patients that had full confidence and blind trust in their health care practitioners is dwindling and approaching their nineties. Long-gone are the days that a patient will initiate treatment because “the doctor said I have to do it.”  We are in a modern era where the internet is ubiquitous and information is cheap.  Patients can change their health care providers as often as they change their socks…

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