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Joanne Sciandra, RDH, began her career in 1973 as a dental assistant. In 1978 while in Hygiene School, she was asked to join the practice of Dr. Peter E. Dawson and Dr. Pete Roach. Joanne was a chairside assistant to Dr. Peter Dawson during Hygiene School and then became a Hygienist in his practice. She teaches the “Role of the Dental Hygienist in Supporting the Concepts of Complete Dentistry” at the Dawson Academy. Joanne has lectured in North Carolina, Chicago, Louisiana, Virginia, Colorado as well as St. Petersburg Florida.

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Things to Look for in Hygiene: A Day in the Life of Dr. Dawson's Hygienist

Nearly 40 years ago, I started my career as a dental hygienist for Drs. Pete Dawson and Pete Roach. Now, I currently practice in the office of Dr. Kim Daxon, previously owned by Dr. Dawson and Dr. Pete Roach. To ensure that the doctor’s time with the patient is maximized, I make sure that I look for several things in every hygiene appointment. Having an understanding of complete dentistry is the viewing and understanding the masticatory system (Tempromanidbular joints, muscles, teeth and periodontal structures)as a whole and treating any issues.

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