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Shannon Johnson, DMD is an associate faculty member at the Dawson Academy. She also leads two Dawson Study Clubs and teaches the Core Curriculum. Dr. Johnson owns and operates her practice in Louisville, KY.

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Signs of Occlusal Instability

By Dr. Shannon Johnson

Good Vibrations?

As clinicians, the very purpose of our dental exam is to thoroughly evaluate each patient for any sign of instability that will lead to breakdown of the masticatory system.  Not including macro-trauma, there are only two simple reasons for the system to break down:

1.  Microorganisms (bacteria, viral, fungal)

2.  Stress from microtrauma

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No Fail Dental Treatment Planning

How to not fail at dental treatment planning

Patients seek the assistance of our profession for many concerns, some of which include disease prevention, relief of pain, and cosmetic improvements.  With so many patients from different backgrounds presenting for an array of reasons, it is very reasonable to question how can you, the dentist, create an accurate treatment plan for each of these patients?

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3 Steps to Transition into Using Dental Photography

We’ve all heard the cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Enter dental photography…it’s no surprise that by capturing images of our patients, we are better able to co-diagnose oral health and lack there-of; predict skeletal discrepancies; anticipate airway problems; maintain a record of the patients’ condition over time; improve communications with our patients, our referring doctors, our team members, and our lab; and simply better treatment plan.

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