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How to Understand Airway in the Dawson Philosophy | Dental Webinar

We had a great time learning about the importance of airway for effective and complete dentistry. For those who couldn't make the free dental webinar, watch a recording of it below. Don't forget, every month we feature a free Watch it Wednesday Dental Webinar!

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The Importance of a Positive Online Reputation for a Dental Business

For dental businesses in a digital age, having a presence on online review platforms is more important than ever. A survey conducted in 2019 by Iron Monk revealed that when searching for a dentist, 43.3 percent chose based on online reviews. This means online reviews are a major factor for dentists looking to grow their clientele.

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Obtaining an Ideal Work-Life Balance as a Dentist

Dentistry consistently ranks within the top ten overall jobs in US News and World Report’s Best Jobs yearly report. Dentists are well-compensated, averaging $155,600 a year across the US. Dentists can have a fairly predictable and sometimes flexible schedule, but chronic stress can creep its way into this profession just as easily as it can in other jobs. Here are a few tips for dentists looking to feel more balanced and less stressed.

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Top books for The Complete Dentist

While furthering our education is normally best suited for the classroom, books will always be an essential piece of continuous learning. Whether we are learning about the timeless pillars of dentistry or the keys to finding the perfect balance in our personal lives, these resources have helped guide us to be the best we can be.

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TDA and Sculpture Studios expand access to digital dentistry

Partnership helps more dentists learn how to use digital dentistry for predictable, long-lasting results

The Dawson Academy is partnering with Sculpture Studios, a dental laboratory and center for education, research and product development, to expand educational opportunities for dental professionals who want to learn how to use digital dentistry for long-term, predictable, esthetic results for patients.

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Three new courses on airway and integrative dental medicine

The Dawson Academy has added three new courses in its Airway and Integrative Dental Medicine curriculum: “Airway & Breathing Related Disorders – Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment,” Dentistry’s Next Frontier: Integrated Dental Medicine,” and “Total Health Dentistry for Successful Restorative Private Practice.”

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