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The Dawson Academy names four resident experts

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (April 11, 2019) – The Dawson Academy has named four resident experts to guide its growth in four disciplines of dentistry. Lee Culp and Drs. Kim Daxon, Scott Finlay and DeWitt Wilkerson will lead some of The Dawson Academy’s current curriculum and develop new courses that expand on the principles of occlusion.

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New online course on case acceptance

 New visiting faculty member Dr. Paul Homoly to lead new one-year program

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Feb. 28, 2019) – The Dawson Academy, which provides a pathway to clinical mastery for dental professionals, has added a new online program to its course offerings. The course helps dental practices improve case acceptance with a systematic approach to patient communication.
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Learn digital protocols for dentistry that increase predictability

Registration open for The Dawson Academy’s two-day course on digital dentistry

PETERSBURG, Fla. (Fe­­b. 12, 2019) – The Dawson Academy is introducing a new course offering “Digital Solutions for Complete Dentistry.” Dental professionals will learn how to implement a completely digital workflow in this hands-on “workshop.”

Digital protocols allow dental professionals to improve predictability, efficiency and productivity. A fully digital workflow allows the dental team and patient to preview the new smile, make revisions through provisional restorations, and then predictably create the exact smile and function in the final result. This course covers all aspects of digital protocols from the records gathering process to producing the final result. 

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New Dawson mini-residencies around the U.S.

 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Feb. 1, 2019) – The Dawson Academy has announced three new locations for its programs for post-graduate dentists and lab technicians to enhance their general dentistry skills and solve complex dental problems.

Called mini-residencies, the customized continuing education path provides dental practitioners with advanced knowledge and skills necessary to master complete dental care and evolve past single tooth dentistry. During the mini-residencies, dental practitioners receive hands-on clinical learning experiences and one-on-one instruction in The Dawson Academy’s curriculum.

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Breathing, Airway and Dental Occlusion Quiz

The Dawson Academy has been teaching for decades the importance of understanding occlusion in order to provide patients with predictable, functional, and long-lasting care. With the groundswell of recent research it has become clear that airway and sleep-disordered breathing must also be a consideration for patients' long-term health.

Are you screening and treating breathing and airway issues predictably?

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The Dawson Academy’s Airway Symposium returns January 2019

Internationally known dentists to teach two-day symposium in St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Nov. 28, 2018) –The Dawson Academy’s third Airway Symposium will share the latest information and research about the practical application of diagnosing, evaluating and treating airway and sleep-disordered breathing in children and adults.

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Webinar: Airway Orthodontics-An Introduction to the New Paradigm

Dr. Barry Raphael discuss how many of our dental school and residency orthodoxies are now very different than what was taught. He'll turn your thinking about Sleep Dentistry around, too. Traditionally, in orthodontics we align the teeth first, set the occlusion, get the jaws to balance and match the joints, hope the muscles will follow the form, and see about the airway last (if at all).

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The Dawson Academy adds five practicing dentists to faculty

New faculty members assist in teaching The Dawson Academy’s courses

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Oct. 25, 2018) – Five practicing dentists have been added as faculty members for The Dawson Academy, which provides a pathway to clinical mastery. Drs. Rachel Caldwell, Pio Modi, Andrew Reingold, Joseph Rosenwald and Zachary Sisler will join nearly 30 other faculty members who practice full-time in addition to their roles at the Academy.

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Quiz: How predictable is your dentistry?

The Dawson Academy has been teaching for decades the importance of understanding occlusion in order to provide patients with predictable, functional, and long-lasting care. Practicing our philosophy of Complete Care Dentistry takes away the burden of having to re-do work by predictably treating the problem the first time around.

Are you spending time doing remakes more than your peers? Are you not getting what you need from the lab the first time? 

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