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Quiz: Are you practicing the way you always envisioned?

Started by Dr. Peter Dawson, The Dawson Academy has been teaching for decades the importance of understanding occlusion in order to provide patients with predictable, functional, and long-lasting care. However, the Dawson Academy Philosophy of Compete Care Dentistry not only allows dentists to provide better care to patients, but allows them to spend more time outside the office doing what is most important to them.

Is your work-life balance up to par with what you envisioned? Are you overall satisfied with your career?


Test your career satisfaction and see how you stack up.

Example question

Do you feel you're able to do the kind of dentistry you enjoy most?

  • Yes! Work is truly fun
  • Most of the time
  • I'm not really sure what kind of dentistry I enjoy. I am mostly stuck drilling and filling

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Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash