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Tips for Accurate Centric Relation Wax Bite Records


Getting a DeLar wax bite record is always a challenging thing for students coming through the curriculum. I hear the complaints all the time that the record has broken or that they heated the wax too much and they got too much indentations on the records. So a handful of tips that might help you out.

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Wax Bite Registration in Centric Relation

First of all, you can customize the size of your wax bite record to the patient by actually preheating and making the wax record fit a little better in your narrow mouths.

Because otherwise, sometimes the wax bite record will get in the way of the cheek and it's a little bit harder to properly get your index.

The other really important thing I think people don't understand as well as they should is you want as little information on the record as you possibly can get.

You just want the cusp tips indenting into the record. If there's more information than that, there's too many areas where the model can rock on the record.

So I find that when I examine a patient's -- or look at records with a lot of our students that indenting too much into the wax bite record can cause a lot of discrepancies when it comes to our mounting. So hopefully this helps!

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