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Dentist Education: Do you see CR=CO in nature?

Dr. Peter DawsonQuestion:

Do you see CR=CO in nature?

Dr. Peter Dawson:

Let's 1st clarify that your use of the term CO is obsolete.CO Refers to the 1st occlusal contact in centric relation. The correct terminology is MIP ( maximal intercuspation position)

We do find CR=MIP in dentitions that are completely stable. Studies on genetically pure races show a high percentage of non-interference to CR. And in those studies… minimal or no tooth wear. Because of today's mixed gene pool we see all kinds of aberrations and the instability that is so common when maximal intercuspation is not in harmony with completely seated joints in centric relation.

What you need to understand is that centric relation is the only jaw position that allows an interference free occlusion. When you have a clear understanding of that, you will know why centric relation is so important. My book, 'Functional Occlusion - From TMJ to Smile Design', will clear up your questions as you get deeper into it.

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