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The Dawson Difference: How it changed my practice and life

My experience with The Dawson Academy started with a perfect storm in my practice. It was a combination of:

  • I bought a practice that had a lot of patients with a long history of facial pain and TMJ problems.
  • I was ill prepared to treat them, but most importantly is I was unconsciously incompetent. I didn't realize I didn't know what I was doing.
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My patients needed me to do this

So all at once, I had all these new patients that needed me to understand how to help them, and I also took a weekend minimal prep veneer course around the same time.

I remember on one day, I had a patient come in who was having facial pain, and I had no idea what to do. Same day, I delivered a minimal prep veneer case and it was horrible. It was just a nightmare. At the end of the day, I was standing with my partner in my office talking about the day, and he was kind of talking me off the ledge a little bit. On my desk with the mail, on the top of the pile of mail, was a flier from The Dawson Academy. And he looked down, picked it up and said, "This is what you need to do. This is what's going to help you treat all these patients I've been treating for all these years. This is where I started back in the '70s."

My confidence grew as a result

So I took his advice because I was up against it, and through the years, having gone through the curriculum and applied the principles to my practice, time and time again, what I'm seeing is an increase in confidence, an increase in the results. And as I grew more confident, the patients grew more confident in me. And my reputation has grown in my area to the point where now I'm becoming the go-to guy in my area.

When other dentists have problems with patients, I'm getting their referrals. That's as big of a compliment as there can be. So the other thing that it's done is, because now I'm confident and comfortable and it's predictable, I'm working less hard. I leave the office on time. I'm home for my family. I coach my son's lacrosse team, and I'm enjoying my life. Because I'll tell you, before I started, it was touch and go. I wasn't sure that I would be in dentistry for my whole career. Now I'm passionate about it and I love what I do. Anybody can do it.

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Picture of Dr. Ari Forgosh

Dr. Forgosh owns and operates Green Hills Dentistry in Allentown, PA. He travels to Manhattan on a regular basis to mentor other dentists from throughout the Mid-Atlantic states as the leader of the Dawson Academy Study Club of New York and is the President of the Dawson Academy Alumni Association. Dr. Forgosh has completed an advanced training curriculum with the world-renowned Dawson Academy, with a special focus on treating occlusal disease, esthetic dentistry, and solving complex dental problems. He travels to Manhattan on a regular basis to mentor other dentists from throughout the Mid-Atlantic states as the leader of the Dawson Academy Study Club of New York, and functions as an Ambassador for the Dawson Academy at conferences and courses during the year. Starting in 2017, Dr. Forgosh will serve a two year term as the President of the Dawson Academy Alumni Association, helping further The Academy’s mission is to “make good dentists even better”.  Being selected for these positions from among tens of thousands of dentists around the world is an exceptional honor. While Dr. Forgosh enjoys his roll helping other dentists, he is most at home working with his patients. He is exceptionally gentle, patient, and caring with dental patients of all ages, and can make even the most phobic patient feel comfortable. Outside of office hours, Dr. Forgosh enjoys cycling, skiing, and coaching youth sports. He spends most of his free time pursuing these hobbies with his wife and son. Visit his website here: