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TDA and Sculpture Studios expand access to digital dentistry

Partnership helps more dentists learn how to use digital dentistry for predictable, long-lasting results

The Dawson Academy is partnering with Sculpture Studios, a dental laboratory and center for education, research and product development, to expand educational opportunities for dental professionals who want to learn how to use digital dentistry for long-term, predictable, esthetic results for patients.

Dental professionals who follow The Dawson Academy’s philosophy for clinical mastery will now have the opportunity to learn how to confidently address the most complex dental problems through the successful use of digital dentistry, thanks to innovative insight from Sculpture Studios’ CEO Lee Culp, CDT.

“Lee is a leading resource in the design and development of digital dentistry, so it made sense to partner with Sculpture Studios to bring digital dentistry into our course offerings, which is based on the timeless principles of occlusion,” said Joan Forrest, Executive Vice president of Innovation and Business Development at The Dawson Academy.

With over 40 years of experience, Culp is a pioneer in digital dentistry and leading inventor for many of the materials, products and techniques used in dentistry today. He is one of the world’s most renowned artisans in digital dentistry, dental ceramics and functional esthetics. 

“This partnership brings dentists and laboratory technicians together as equal partners who are working together to bring beautiful, functional results to the patient,” said Culp.

Using digital technologies like scanners, CAD/CAM and design software can lead to more accurate results for dentists and patients alike. The Dawson Academy’s partnership with Sculpture Studios will help dentists learn how to use these types of technologies to get predictable, long-lasting results for patients. For example, courses will help dentists learn how to create workflows to use the technologies in their practice.

“Dentistry is moving from the Stone Age to the Digital Age. The treatment planning process that traditionally has been done on stone models is now being done digitally with great success,” said Forrest. 

The Dawson Academy’s first digital protocols course will be held at Sculpture Academy, which is Sculpture Studios’ training center, in Cary, North Carolina on June 22-23 and October 12-13, 2019. “Digital Solutions for Complete Dentistry” will provide dental professionals with a complete digital workflow – from records to producing the final result – to improve predictability, efficiency and productivity in a dental practice.

About Sculpture Studios

Lee Culp, CDTLed by Lee Culp, CDT, Sculpture Studios is an internationally recognized leader in diagnostic & treatment planning support. Sculpture Studios is a dental laboratory, education and research/product development center for new and innovative digital dental technologies, and their applied applications to diagnostic, restorative and surgical dentistry. Its Sculpture Academy teaching laboratory provides training for dental technicians and dentists on digital technologies. Its team consults with high-profile international dental manufacturers and dental software developers as an independent center for product development and evaluation. For more information, visit

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