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Dawson Quick Tip: The Best Topical Ever

My quick tip is the use of the product called Best Topical Ever.

You can use this product when you are taking impressions for implants, when placing implant restorations, using it on the tissue when you are preparing endodontically-treated teeth. You can also use it for the injection sites before you place your anesthetic.

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Best Topical Ever

Be cautious when...

Be cautious when you're using it for the anesthesia, especially if you're giving a mandibular block, because that can flow to the throat. You want to make sure and have suction there because that's very uncomfortable for the patient.

So make your patient comfortable, and use The Best Topical Ever.

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Dr. Laura Wittenauer is a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, where she teaches the Core Curriculum with fellow faculty members. She owns and operates her private practice in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Wittenauer’s practice focuses on helping patients achieve optimum oral health.