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Dawson Student Case Study: Dr. Stacey Hall

Getting Treatment Acceptance Through Patient Education and Comprehensive Treatment Planning

This case was a semi-finalist in the 2017 Dawson Study Club Case Challenge during the Annual Study Club Day

In this case study Dr. Stacey Hall, a Dawson Academy Ambassador, shares how using the Dawson principles and protocols led to:

  1. Treatment acceptance
  2. Better esthetics
  3. Long-term success 

BEforeCase Abstract:
Greg presented to the office for a new patient exam because it had been a number of years since having dental care. He knew his teeth were getting ‘worn looking’, but did not really understand the cause or long-term effects.

Greg had many dental needs that were phased at the beginning to just get bacteria under control. Once he saw things continuing to break down he was ready to restore his teeth to improve the function. This, in turn, resulted in better esthetics and less breakdown in the future. 

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