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Dental Implants By The Numbers

How to Make Dental Implant Cases PredictableMy name is Tom Dawson and I recently joined the faculty here at The Dawson Academy. My charge is to bring new educational thoughts regarding dental implants. 

This morning I would like to share with you what I call Implants by the Numbers. 

It's time we begin to think about the implant process differently. We have been driven by a number of market factors in dental implant treatment: those of the implant companies, those of our surgeons and so on. Yet, all of us know that this should be a prosthetically driven process, but who is making the decisions?

We would all agree that we need an implant team to provide the best possible implant services. And that would be a team of the restorative dentist, surgeon and the laboratory. Yet, often there is a disorganization of the three or lack of communication overall. Or, it could be as simple as not being on the same page with the numbers we need to know.  

No matter how we do this, the only way we can have predictable results is to have the correct information and the correct sequence for everything we do regarding our implant services.

Watch the video below to learn more! 

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Picture of Dr. Thomas Dawson

Dr Dawson practiced restorative dentistry in Arlington, Texas for 33 years. After selling his Arlington practice in 2007, he opened a new practice in Mansfield, Texas, limited to treating complex restorative and esthetic cases exclusively.