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[Webinar] The More Complete 'Complete Dentist'

You can really get involved in the broader spectrum of dentistry, taking the concepts that we’ve learned at The Dawson Academy and expanding those into the whole body.

Today we have so many great things happening in the medical field. As you look here at the titles of books being written, you’ll notice each one of them are written by an M.D.

Total Wellness Books For Dentists to Read

This is a new direction we are beginning to see, and that is the physician understanding the body can be dramatically improved by the input of the patient, of the person themselves; we are not totally controlled by our genetics. The whole idea of lifestyle health is something we are excited to learn (and teach you) about.

Dr. Michael Roizen, M.D., the Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute said, “I believe dentists should be on the front lines fighting the health crisis that is destroying our nation.” We, at The Dawson Academy, really took that to heart and saw a great opportunity for dentists to step up as leaders in total wellness.

One of the things we want to emphasize is that dental teams are the patient advocates for total wellness. What’s more is that dental teams can also be the gatekeepers for systemic inflammation.

In what areas can a dental team identify and help manage systemic inflammation?

Watch the dental webinar and review my slides below to learn more.



View My Slides Here:
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DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD is the Resident Expert of Integrative Dental Medicine at The Dawson Academy and has been a Senior Faculty Member for over 25 years. Dr. Wilkerson joined Dr. Peter Dawson’s private practice in 1982 and co-owns DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry in St. Petersburg, Florida with fellow Senior Faculty Member Dr. Glenn DuPont.