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'Education + Execution= Success' by Dr. Jeffrey Friend

My practice before enrolling at The Dawson Academy...

I had been on a search-- searching to better my work life and my patient treatment. My practice had been cranking, making money, and was very busy. But with dealing with the employees, the business, the schedule, the lab daily, I felt like I was pulled in a thousand directions and was having a very hard time feeling that the quality of care that I was giving was good enough. I wanted to be the best but had no idea how to distill ALL the information down to a manageable amount. I had completed FAGD, MAGD, FICOI, MIPS, DICOI. After over 1600 hours of dental continuing education and I still did not have a solid foundation. I found what I was looking for at the Dawson Academy.

My practice was profitable before but at a great cost to me and my family. I had very little time off, which caused tons of frustration. Things were breaking and I had inconsistancy with lab results. I had difficulty in communicating with the lab, expecting that they should just know what I know and just know what I want, and just make it. NOT SO, RIGHT!!!

Dr. Jeff Friend & FamilyHow The Dawson Academy has made a difference in my life...

BLUE TIME. Also, I now have more time with my family. The Dawson Academy gave me permission to take time off. Not only permission, but insisted!  I never heard of work-life balance. Without complete dentistry, comprehensive exams, the checklist,  and occlusal understanding, I do not know how I ever practiced before. I am making connections and gaining understanding everyday. I am almost ashamed of my previous level, and very cautious about what I do not know. Most stunning are those patients I have done occlusal adjustments on and it has changed their life. There is a significant learning curve, but you gotta leap. Leap and the net will appear!

The differences I have seen in my practice since The Dawson Academy...

While all my buddies in town are down money (some 30 %), I am not only up but have added an associate. I have also developed much better communication with my lab. My staff really feels the difference,who have all worked at other offices. They consistently grow and ask questions about the "magic stuff" we do. Most have been to The Dawson Academy at least once. We all want more.

Advice I would give to a Non-Dawson Academy trained dentist...

Get there as soon as possible. Be open minded and open hearted. Listen and implement a little at a time. Keep going back for more, but practice it and use it, develop it, prove it to yourself. I have already sent my associate down and he will be going through the entire core curriculum, as well.

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