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7 Key Elements in Dental Practice Advertising

Dental Practice Marketing ElementsIt is often difficult deciding on what to include in advertisements for your complete care practice. Regardless of what type of marketing you are doing, whether it is a newspaper ad, a direct mail postcard, or an email, there are 7 key elements to always include when it comes to marketing your dental practice.

  1. Practice Name: It is important to include your practice name in every marketing opportunity you participate in so that people start recognizing your name. Repetition can be a very effective marketing strategy.
  2. What You Do: How will people know that you are a dentist unless you tell them? Don't make your potential patients work to find out what you do. Tell them right off the bat.
  3. Why Should They See You: Why will people make an appointment with you if you don't seem better or special compared to their current dentist? Make it a no-brainer for them to change dentists and become a patient of yours.
  4. What Should They Do: Take the guesswork out of the process- tell your potential patient exactly what you want them to do. In most cases you will want them to make an appointment.
  5. Phone Number: Don't make a potential patient work to find your contact information. Clearly include your phone number so that it is easy to call, find out more information, and make an appointment.
  6. Unique Website Address: Include a unique URL that is only in this one marketing piece. For example, if Dr. Smith's website is, he could create a unique URL of for a marketing piece. This unique landing page will allow you to track exactly how many people are acting from your marketing piece and it should also have information only for new potential customers.
  7. Your Practice Logo: The visual of your logo can often be a visual hammer that helps potential patients recognize and remember your practice name. Maybe they don't become a patient today but maybe they become one in a year because they remembered you and your expertise.

With these seven elements in mind, you should be able to create an effective marketing piece that increases brand awareness and brings you some new patients.

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Virginia Bussey is the Director of Marketing & Communications at The Dawson Academy. Bussey has been published on Yahoo Small Biz, Business2Community, Social Media Today and HubSpot for her expertise in Inbound and Digital Marketing.