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Dental Webinar: How to Effectively Equilibrate the Natural Dentition

Formula for a optimum occlusionFollowing proper diagnosis and treatment planning, occlusal equilibration can provide selected patients with the most conservative, predictable and safest treatment possible.

Occlusal equilibration can often help avoid the need for more complex treatments. Dentists who have developed proficiency in equilibration universally agree it is one of the most practical skills they use routinely in practice. 

During this webinar, I will: 

  • Review key functional goals from the lecture, 'Functional Occlusion – From TMJ to Smile Design' 
  • Discuss the importance of Centric Relation and proper mounting 
  • List the goals of every finished equilibration 
  • Present two equilibration cases


How to Schedule an Occlusal Equilibration Appointment
Picture of Dr. John Cranham

John Cranham, DDS is a co-clinical director of The Dawson Academy, where he teaches many of the lectures and hands-on courses. Dr. Cranham runs an esthetic-oriented practice in Chesapeake, Virginia. Dr. Cranham is an internationally recognized speaker with 25 years of experience.