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Dawson Quick Tip: 3 Ethical Questions For Every Dentist

In his book, The Personal MBA, Josh Kaufman talks about five components that make up every business. And one of those components is sales.

I think as professionals, dentists are sometimes uncomfortable with the idea of selling treatment. But what we have to understand is that it is our responsibility to get our patients to invest in their health.

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I think there are three ethical questions that you can ask yourself before considering a treatment for your patient.

  • The first question is Dr. Dawson's WIDIOM rule - would I do it on me? 
  • The second question is, would I have somebody else do it on me? Sometimes I think we ignore certain dental disease because we are uncomfortable treating it ourselves. We have to be big enough to refer those people to other practitioners.
  • The final one is to ask, is the best dental treatment the best for the patient? Understanding that we're not just treating masticatory systems, but people, we don't want to give somebody a bigger financial problem while solving their dental work. So we have to consider phased treatment and also alternatives.

What makes a dental practice successful?

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Dr. Michael Verber is the Associate Director of Study Clubs for The Dawson Academy. He maintains a private practice in Camp Hill, PA where he has the pleasure of working with his father and three other Dawson dentists.