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How to Explain the Aspects of the Complete Exam to Patients

I explain the complete exam to the patient only after the preclinical interview. I interview the patient, ask them while they're here what they're looking for from me. And then from there, I simply tell them that I need to gather more information and records. And I explain to them all what we're doing. Checking their teeth out, periodontal health, but also we're going to look at their joints and their muscles.

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Quick Tip_ Explaining the complete exam to patients


We may take some study models at that time. We always take a set of photos and whatever the updated x-rays are. So basically, I do the complete exam every time with the patient, but only after the patient is wanting and desiring some treatment. And then therefore, I need to get the proper records for that.

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Stephen Hoard, DDS is an associate faculty member at The Dawson Academy and leads the Twin Rivers Study Club. He owns his practice in New Bern, NC where he practices full-time. Dr. Hoard teaches The Dawson Academy’s core curriculum, particularly Treatment Planning and Examination & Records.