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Fabricating Dentures Quiz

Test your knowledge of fabricating complete dentures with this 10-question multiple choice.

Example Question: The maxillary wax rim must be contoured appropriately to communicate ideal tooth position to the laboratory technician. What landmark does NOT need to be communicated with the maxillary wax rim?fabricating dentures

A. Centric relation

B. Midline

C. Buccal corridor

D. Occlusal plane

Test Your Knowledge


Picture of Dr. Kimberley Daxon

Kimberley Daxon, D.D.S. is the Resident Expert of Removable Prosthetics and has been a Senior Faculty member for The Dawson Academy for over 20 years. Dr. Daxon is also an owner and prosthodontist at Daxon Dentistry in St. Petersburg, Florida. She specializes in complex occlusal disorders, complete dentures, team training, and implants.