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Dr. Peter Dawson becomes Founder Emeritus | Dawson Academy

Clinical Director Dr. John Cranham, DDS to lead faculty for the Academy

Pete Dawson & John CranhamDr. Peter Dawson, founder of leading dental continuing education provider The Dawson Academy, has become Founder Emeritus. Clinical Director Dr. John Cranham will lead the Academy’s faculty and clinical direction.

Dr. Dawson founded The Dawson Academy in 1979 as a way to educate dental professionals on the entire masticatory system using a method that he was successfully practicing in his office in St. Petersburg, Florida. His first book Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Occlusal Problems, published in 1974, outlined methods for dental professionals to provide treatments that predictably solve patients’ problems. These methods formed the foundation for The Dawson Academy’s courses.

Dr. Dawson began teaching in 1961 when 35 dentists attended his first course. Through the years, it has evolved from Dr. Dawson’s one-man lecture series to a curriculum of both lectures and hands-on courses instructed by a dedicated faculty of practicing dentists.

“With the strong leadership in place at The Dawson Academy, and the exceptional faculty following a proven curriculum, I have total confidence in the Academy’s future,” said Dr. Dawson. “I am excited to continue to be involved in an emeritus relationship.”

Dr. Cranham joined The Dawson Academy faculty in 2003, after accepting an invitation from Dr. Dawson. He has served as acting clinical director for the last 10 years. Dr. Cranham is a practicing dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia and an internationally recognized speaker and dental educator. Drs. Dawson and Cranham co-authored a newly published book titled The Complete Dentist Manual

“The Dawson Academy’s faculty carry forward Dr. Dawson’s legacy, which has positively impacted more than 40,000 dentists and their patients,” said Dr. Cranham. “My top priority is to make sure the courses stay true to Dr. Dawson’s principles while evolving to meet the new challenges for dental practitioners.”

Today, The Dawson Academy’s faculty includes 29 dentists who practice fulltime in addition to teaching continuing education courses to dentists and lab technicians across the United States and in numerous countries. The Dawson Academy has more than 70 courses scheduled in 2018 in locations across the world.

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