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The Dawson Academy names four resident experts

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (April 11, 2019) – The Dawson Academy has named four resident experts to guide its growth in four disciplines of dentistry. Lee Culp and Drs. Kim Daxon, Scott Finlay and DeWitt Wilkerson will lead some of The Dawson Academy’s current curriculum and develop new courses that expand on the principles of occlusion.

The resident experts will assist The Dawson Academy’s leadership team with the instruction and growth of areas within their clinical expertise, which include digital protocols, removable prosthodontics, esthetics, and airway and integrative dental medicine.

The new resident experts are: 

Daxon_Kim_220x220Kim Daxon, DDS, resident expert of removable prosthodontics. Dr. Daxon is a practicing prosthodontist, specializing in complex occlusal disorders, complete dentures and implants at her practice, Daxon Dentistry in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Dr. Daxon joined The Dawson Academy faculty in 2000, after working in Dr. Peter Dawson’s practice for more than 20 years. She teaches several courses within the curriculum. She holds awards from the International College of Dentists and the Academy of Oral Medicine.

FInlay_Scott__220x220Scott Finlay, DDS, FAGD, FAACD, resident expert of esthetics. Dr. Finlay is one of the world’s most recognized dentists in the area of esthetic dentistry, and is a highly sought-after speaker. He’s a fulltime practicing dentist in Annapolis, Maryland, and he authored “AACD Guide to Accreditation Criteria: Contemporary Concepts in Smile Design.”

Dr. Finlay joined The Dawson Academy faculty in 2007. He’s one of only approximately 75 dentists in the world to be named a fellow by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Wilkerson_DeWitt_220_220DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD, resident expert of airway and integrative dental medicine. Dr. Wilkerson is a recognized leader in dentistry’s role in the diagnosis and medical management of disordered breathing, airway issues, and oral systemic connections. He authored “The Shift - The Dramatic Movement Toward Health Centered Dentistry.”

Dr. Wilkerson joined The Dawson Academy faculty in 1994, 12 years after joining Dr. Peter Dawson’s private practice. He helped launch The Dawson Academy’s annual Airway Symposium in 2017, and has lectured on integrative dental medicine, whole health dental treatments, and airway/dental sleep medicine all over the world. He co-owns DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry in St. Petersburg, Florida with fellow faculty member Dr. Glenn DuPont.

Culp_LeeLee Culp, CDT, resident expert of digital protocols. Culp is a pioneer in digital dentistry, and a leading inventor for many of the materials, products and techniques used in dentistry today. He regularly contributes articles to dental publications, and is known as one of the top lecturers and innovative artisans in digital dentistry, dental ceramics and functional esthetics.

Culp joined The Dawson Academy faculty in 2018. He has been a lab technician for over 40 years, and is the CEO of Sculpture Studios, a dental laboratory, research and product development center in Cary, North Carolina that focuses on new and innovative digital dental technologies.

Our resident experts are industry leaders who are well-respected for their work and teachings in their area of clinical expertise,” said Dr. John Cranham, Clinical Director of The Dawson Academy. “They will play a key role in helping The Academy provide more highly acclaimed courses for today’s dentists, which build upon our core philosophies.”

The Dawson Academy selected the resident experts for their experience and mastery of techniques of their specific area of dentistry. They not only practice at the highest, but also teach, write and lecture about their areas of expertise.

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