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Dawson Quick Tip: The Go-To Rule in Dentistry

When we're treatment planning, we like to utilize what we call the WIDIOM rule. Would I Do It On Me?

This process of complete dentistry isn't about doing the most restorations on a patient. It's doing the least amount of dentistry to solve all of the patient's functional and aesthetic issues.

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So when we are treating planning, when would I do it on me, what's the least amount of dentistry that we'd want to do on ourselves to solve these problems?

Complete dentistry again isn't about the most restorations. It's not about selling dentistry to somebody. It's about getting them healthy for the long term. And if we follow this WIDIOM rule, we'll be doing the appropriate treatment to make the outcomes the most successful with the least amount of dentistry for our patients.

What makes a dental practice successful?

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Dr. Cobb is Director of Core Curriculum and senior faculty member, Cobb Dentistry, owner and practicing dentist. He is a noted speaker with 18 years of experience lecturing both nationally and internationally.