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Dawson Quick Tip: How to Handle Poor Performing Employees

When you have employees who are not performing up to standards, it can be really frustrating and cause a lot of tension in the practice. It's also difficult sometimes to know how to deal with those situations.

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There are actually two factors that can enter into performance issue, and one is willingness; is the employee willing to do the job?  And the second is ability; does the employee have the ability to do the job?

Obviously, there's two different solutions.

  • If the employee is willing to do the job, and doesn't have the ability, then it's a training situation.
  • If the employee has the ability but is not willing to do the job, that's going to require some behavioral change on their part if in fact, they are willing to change.
And that's the conversation you need to have with the person. Set the standards and ask them if they're willing to change. So, always look at willingness and ability when determining what to do about a performance problem.

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