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What Are The Hot Dental Materials Going to Be In 2017?

We asked a few Dawson Faculty Members, "What are the hot dental materials going to be in 2017?" The following were their answers.

Transcription below...


Scott Finlay, DDS, FAGD:

There is no single material, I think, that's out there. I think the two standards that exist right now, obviously, are lithium disilicate and zirconia.

Leonard Hess, DDS:

One of the materials that we'll be seeing more and more of, and from more manufacturers, are going to be bioactive dental materials. These materials are still in their infancy stage, and there's still a lot of testing that is being done on these. But it's a pretty exciting possibility.

Jeff Stubblefield, CDT:

I think these new materials like the the pectin which are high-performance polymers are going revolutionize what we do with over-denture, fixed, hybrid-type implant restoratives. They're going to replace titanium, in a lot of aspects, and allow us to kind of simulate the periodontal ligament being back into what has been a very rigid hybrid-type restorative option in the past.

What dental materials do you love using?

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