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How to increase speed, but maintain predictability

At The Dawson Academy, we teach you all a system of how to practice, starting from a new patient exam and all the way through prep and delivery. So, for example, the new patient exam.

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The Complete Exam

In order to increase predictability, first, we want to not miss anything. So we teach you all of the steps to a complete exam. There's a checklist for each of these items so that you don't miss anything, therefore making you more efficient. Also, in the new patient exam process, there is the factor of co-diagnosis. We're helping our patient discover, as we go through the exam, helping them to sort of buy into the whole process of what their problems are and what we can do to fix them.

Treatment Planning

The second thing would be how we teach you the systematic way to treatment plan. So all the way from how to mount the models and having the right equipment to the step-by-step process we do in the hands-on treatment planning course, which would be 10 steps that we always tell you, "Follow in exactly that order." Why do we do that? Because we don't want to see you put wax on a model and then have it break off or have to redo things. So it increases your speed and your predictability by following the guidelines that we're telling you.

Prepping The Patient

The third thing would be how you actually prep teeth, or in the clinical environment. All the treatment planning, case presentation, diagnosis: everything's done and the patient has accepted. You're ready to actually deliver the care.

So in your prep appointment, we teach you how to do sequenced treatment plans, how to make prep guides, how to be focused and efficient in your time in the operatory, so that helps. You know where you're going, how you're going to get there, even how to make provisionals so that your functional esthetics are being worked out in the patient's mouth, therefore making your final delivery of crown and bridge even more predictable.

Practice Makes Perfect

So by following all of the systematic ways that we teach you through the whole process, that's what increases predictability and speed. But, really, what it takes is determination. It takes practice. As you do this more and more, you get more efficient with it. Your staff learns it better. You get more practice. You get more confidence. With more confidence, you get more predictability. With more predictability, you get more speed. So all of this works hand in hand on increasing predictability and speed.

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Jeff Scott, DMD owns and operates his own practice in St. Petersburg, FL. Dr. Scott is a senior faculty member and leads the St. Pete Study Club. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky and his dental degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.