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How to increase free time outside the office without decreasing revenue

Let me give you this quick tip so that you can gain some time outside the office without having any effect on what goes inside the office.

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Pre-block time for new patients

The first thing I'll say to you is that if you're not already pre-blocking time for your new patients, I'd encourage you to start doing that. I promote pre-blocking for new patients because it's really important that you have adequate time to do a thorough examination. Now, I'm sure I don't have to tell this audience, but without a thorough examination, you have no hope of getting a thorough diagnosis. And without a thorough diagnosis, you're not going to increase your treatment acceptance. Because when you can do more treatment with fewer patients, you spend less time at the office and you can spend more time outside the office.

Delegate as much as possible

The other side of this tip as I would give you is make sure that you have time set aside to examine your new patients. And then the next tip I would give you is that you should learn to delegate as many responsibilities as possible to the rest of the staff.

Now, for some of you, it just made you really, really nervous. And I want to assure you that staff can do all other types of clinical activities. The business office staff can handle the schedule. They can handle the statements. They can handle the accounts receivable. And they can also go a long way in helping you do the accounts payable.

So start thinking about all the things that you're spending extra time on that really is taking you away from treatment planning and clinical dentistry. The staff can do all the rest of it. And so that would be my quick tip for you.

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