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Introduction from intra-oral to digital photography

I often compare the experience of patients coming in to our office and being told that they need to have work done to the experience of us taking our car in to be serviced and they tell us that we need new brakes.

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Decay around composite - intraoralPicture is worth a thousand words

It can be hard for us to trust the advice that we are given if we can not see what is going on or we do not understand it. So in these situations I use the logic that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our cameras give our patients the opportunities to see what we see. So our intra-oral cameras can show patients simple close up things like leakage around an old composite margin, or fracture lines in the teeth.

Canted occlusal planePhotography shows the 'whole picture'

And our digital photographic images can show them more global concerns like a canted occlusal plane or uneven tissue levels. So one of the most valuable tools that I have found in my practice to help patients move forward with the treatment that they need is to use these powerful photographic images on a daily basis.

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Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

Picture of Dr. Angie Gribble-Hedlund

Dr. Angela Gribble Hedlund is an associate faculty member. She has practiced dentistry in Atlanta since 1994 and lectures on esthetic dentistry. She has received her Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry; this is an honor held by fewer than 2% of dentists in the country.