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Dawson Quick Tip: 3 Keys to Case Acceptance

So let's talk about three keys to case presentation and case acceptance.

The first is the comprehensive exam and records.

Not only are you going to get all the information you need to properly treatment plan, but you're going to distinguish yourself from other dentists, and you're going to build trust with your patients.

The next is a review findings appointment.

This is where you can go over the patient's issues, get them to own the issues, but also discuss with the patients what their goals and limitations are. And you could start to talk about different alternatives of treatment.

The final is the treatment plan presentation.

And I believe at this appointment, you want to present one treatment plan. You're okay presenting one treatment plan because it's a custom treatment plan that you and the patient developed together. There is no better idea than one's own idea. And if they have ownership of that treatment plan, you're much more likely to get acceptance.


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Dr. Michael Verber is the Associate Director of Study Clubs for The Dawson Academy. He maintains a private practice in Camp Hill, PA where he has the pleasure of working with his father and three other Dawson dentists.