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Malocclusion and Breathing Disorders: Uncovering Their Relationship

In this webinar, Dr. Wilkerson uncovers the relationship between malocclusion and breathing disorders. Learn what to look for when screening for airway disorders, the result of leaving these disorders untreated and how they can result in malocclusions.

From this lesson, you will learn:

  • Why breathing disorders can cause malocclusions
  • Implications of these disorders
  • How to screen and identify these disorders

Enjoy this free one hour webinar,  Malocclusion and Breathing Disorders: Uncovering Their Relationship with Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson.

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Picture of Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson

DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD is the Resident Expert of Integrative Dental Medicine at The Dawson Academy and has been a Senior Faculty Member for over 25 years. Dr. Wilkerson joined Dr. Peter Dawson’s private practice in 1982 and co-owns DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry in St. Petersburg, Florida with fellow Senior Faculty Member Dr. Glenn DuPont.