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The Management of Worn Anterior Teeth

Tooth wear is one of the most obvious manifestations of underlying functional issues. 

There is nothing more fun and rewarding than creating a new smile for someone that is in need. Yet many of the patients who are driven towards cosmetic dentistry, have an unattractive smile, because of underlying functional issues.

In this webinar you will learn the various etiologies of anterior tooth wear, and get some important tips towards achieving restorative success, based on the specific cause.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize a flow sheet to diagnose the exact cause for the wear you are seeing.
  • Explain why the teeth, bone and gingiva all change position as wear occurs, and how to visualize the proper position of these structures in the treatment planning phase.
  • Discuss how tooth wear from sleep disordered breathing and parafunction can look similar, how to discern one from the other, and how they should be treated differently.
  • Incorporate the processes described to create a beautiful esthetic result, with all these cases.

Learn the keys to perfecting anterior resotrations with stable results in Functional Esthetics: Designing Stable Cosmetic Restorations with Dr. John Cranham. Discover the package that includes this course here.