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How do I do Multiple Crowns at Once?

Any time that we're planning to work on multiple teeth on a patient, it's important to start with a complete exam and plan our treatment.

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Delivering Multiple Crowns


Where you find discrepancies

Often times, they'll have a discrepancy between their acquired bite or their maximum intercuspal position, and how their teeth bite together when their joints are seated, or their centric relation position. And it's important to eliminate that discrepancy if we plan on doing a lot of dentistry.

There are several ways that you can eliminate the discrepancy

You can eliminate the discrepancy from reshaping the teeth, restoring the teeth, repositioning the teeth with some type of orthodontic movement, or even repositioning segments of bone. But once we have a perfected occlusion and we have stable holding contacts on all the teeth, then working on multiple teeth at one time becomes simple. You can work on 2 teeth, 4 teeth, or even 10 teeth with confidence and predictability.

 How to Avoid Mistakes During Dental Treatment Planning

Picture of Dr. Angie Gribble-Hedlund

Dr. Angela Gribble Hedlund is an associate faculty member. She has practiced dentistry in Atlanta since 1994 and lectures on esthetic dentistry. She has received her Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry; this is an honor held by fewer than 2% of dentists in the country.