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What Item in Your Office Could You Not Live Without?

ArticulatorIn this blog video, we asked faculty members what items in their office they could not live without. 

Dr. Andrew Cobb and Mr. Jeff Stubblefield, CDT share their answers:

Andrew Cobb:

It is an easy one for me. It's the WizardThe Wizard has simplified this entire process of complete dentistry. It ensures that I do not miss a step.

It is everything we teach in the core curriculum, all in one place from the complete examination, figuring out what that tells us. It auto-populates to that summary page. What is our joint health? All of this, we can find out from the examination. When we have the patients that they want us to solve their problems, it takes the photographs, auto-populates them into the 2D and the 3D treatment planning. I use it for every patient every time whether they are a specialty patient or not.


Mr. Jeff Stubblefield, CDT:

My most value in my office that I just absolutely could not live without is my articulator.

I mean, I can not evaluate mountings. I can not evaluate models. I can not do the wristolator thing. It just does not work. So my desk always has the articulators on it. It has several because we use several systems for dentist preferences.

I just do not think I could use or evaluate any cases-- I could not construct them. I could not wax them. I could not do prototypes. I could not do anything if I could not put it on an articulator and take a look at what was really going on in the mouth.

What item in your office could you not live without? Share below in the comments!

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