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Networking with Specialists

So creating a network of specialists is not an easy task for a Dawson dentist.

Seek specialists that share the same philosphy.

It presents with a lot of challenges of finding the people that you want to work with, that have the same philosophy, that have the same personality, potentially, as you do, that your patients are going to feel welcome going to.


Here is one thing that I have utilized in trying to find my specialists, and it is utilizing the Dawson Wizard. The Dawson Wizard is a great tool that I love to use for all mytreatment planning of cases. But there are so many people out there that obviously do not know about it.

Take the intiative!

So what I will do is, I will call up a specialist and just ask them, "Hey, can I take you to lunch?" And it is not very often specialists have a general dentist say, "Can I take you to lunch?" And usually, they are like, "Sure. That would be great." And I say, "I would like to show you a case." And what I will do is, I will bring my laptop and show off the Dawson Wizard. If it is worthy of bringing my articulator, I will bring that. But we will go through the Dawson Wizard with this case, and I will say, "These are my concerns. Do you think that you could help me with this?" And then let them talk. And as they talk and share their thoughts about a case, it really opens up who they are.

And the Dawson Wizard is impressive as well.

And they can see who we are. And we can find out if it is a good match, if they are going to support comprehensive dentistry, if they are somebody who is going to support centric relation. I find this especially helpful when I am trying to find an orthodontist that is going to work with centric relation. They will tell you, basically, if they are willing to do centric relation or not.But use the Dawson Wizard in that.

Bring your laptop with you to these lunches and show a couple cases. It is a way for you to present yourself to them and they will start referring to you, too, as they know how much you care about complete and comprehensive dentistry. So give that a try. Take the Dawson Wizard with you, and take somebody to lunch, and just enjoy your time. I hope you will find some good specialists that way.


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