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New Dawson mini-residencies around the U.S.

 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Feb. 1, 2019) – The Dawson Academy has announced three new locations for its programs for post-graduate dentists and lab technicians to enhance their general dentistry skills and solve complex dental problems.

Called mini-residencies, the customized continuing education path provides dental practitioners with advanced knowledge and skills necessary to master complete dental care and evolve past single tooth dentistry. During the mini-residencies, dental practitioners receive hands-on clinical learning experiences and one-on-one instruction in The Dawson Academy’s curriculum.

 Denver Dental Mini-ResidencyThe mini-residencies also provide dental professionals with strategies to grow their dental practice, increase practice revenue, and enhance the enjoyment of practicing dentistry as re-makes and failures are eliminated.

Each mini-residency is limited to only 20 dentists, allowing for individual attention and hands-on instruction. Small course sizes and facilitated group discussions allow dental professionals to build bigger peer networks, which has benefits that extend beyond the classroom.

“By signing up for the Dawson mini-residency, I was finally able to complete the core curriculum in a timely manner and gain the skills and confidence to treat cases that had perplexed and intimidated me before. But a wonderful, unexpected benefit was that by taking the courses with the same participants and the same instructors, an atmosphere of honesty, accountability, & support developed that was quite extraordinary. I would recommend the Dawson curriculum wholeheartedly, and I cannot imagine a better way to do it than in a mini-residency!” shared Dr. Ted Beitelschees, a past Dawson mini-residency member.

The new programs will be held in Dayton, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; and East Hanover, New Jersey. Each mini-residency will be taught by internationally known dentists, who will be available throughout the course to support members in implementation and clinical success.

In Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Glenn DuPont, senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, will teach the mini-residency over a 12-month period. Dr. DuPont is a co-owner of DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry, and is one of the original faculty members at The Dawson Academy. He’s an affiliated clinical associate professor at the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry, and the past president of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry and the Florida Academy of Dental Practice Administration.

In Denver, Colorado, Dr. Leonard Hess, senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, will teach the mini-residency over a 13-month period. Dr. Hess maintains a comprehensive-focused practice, The Union County Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, and has taught hundreds of hours of continuing education throughout the world in the past eight years. He’s lectured on a variety of key dental topics, including occlusion, smile design, treatment planning, and complete dentistry in the U.S., Japan, Germany, Poland, China and Canada.

In East Hanover, New Jersey, Dr. John Cranham, clinical director at The Dawson Academy, and Dr. Rajeev Upadya, senior faculty at The Dawson Academy, will teach the mini-residency over a 13-month period. Dr. Cranham has an esthetic-oriented practice, the Chesapeake Center for Complete Dentistry, and has provided over 650 days of continuing education for dental professionals around the world. Dr. Upadya owns Esthetic Dental Care, where he also practices full-time, and is a noted lecturer in the United States and India. He also launched The Dawson Academy India in 2014.

The mini-residencies teach dental professionals to solve even the most complex dental problems involving esthetics, occlusal issues, TMJ issues, and advanced restorative care. Students will complete The Dawson Academy Core Curriculum, which consists of seven courses, in the following formats:

  • Two online lectures,
  • Four hands-on courses completed at each mini-residency location, and
  • One in-person lecture in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

 The Dawson Academy’s mini-residencies will be held throughout 2019 and 2020 and begin this spring.

More information about individual mini-residencies and registration is available at Additional mini-residencies will be added in the near future.