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Why You Should Implement a New Patient Gift


So one quick tip that I've implemented into my office that had been successful is implementing a patient gift when they walk in for the first time.

These can be super simple and not very expensive, but I've found it to be very successful for the patient feeling welcomed to our office and feeling a part of our team. And that's the new patient gift.

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The one that we're giving away right now is a pop socket. These aren't very expensive. They're about $4, maybe $5 when you put your name and address and phone number on them, but what it is-- a lot of people don't know what it is, but it goes on the back of your cell phone, and you can see it expands and contracts. But then when you expand it, then you can use it as a device to hold your phone. And I especially like it for my 6 Plus as the phone is pretty big. I have big hands, but it's a pretty big phone. And it helps me just hold on to it, and I can just-- it gives me a lot of flexibility with my phone. And patients love it.

The great thing about it for us is that we have our address on it, the phone number, and how to contact us. And it's just something, again, to help patients feel welcome into our office.

We can be very creative and try new things out as we move forward. We change this up about every six months or a year and find something new.

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Dr. Landon Blatter is an associate faculty member at The Dawson Academy. He graduated from Harvard Dental School in 2004. Dr. Blatter owns and operates a premier private dental group office in Denver, CO. He has also received recognition for his ongoing adoption and use of dental technology.