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Dawson Quick Tip: Send New Patient Thank You Notes

One of the simple tips that I want to share with you today is something that we do for marketing, and it's just a simple thank you note to new patients. We've had some little thank you cards printed with our logo on the front. And we have a nice message in there that just thanks them for coming into the office, and tells them how much we're looking forward to taking care of them, and that we appreciate the trust that they've placed in us to take care of them.

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Dawson Quick Tip_ Send New Patient Thank You Notes

And we also mention that we're accepting new patients and we'd love to help take of their family, or neighbors, or colleagues.

All of the office members, all the team members sign it. And we send this out after a new patient comes into the office. And I think it's been a really great tool to have them just think of us, and understand how grateful we are that they've asked us to take care of them, and just let them know that we'd like to see those people in their lives that might need help with their dentistry as well.

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Dr. Angela Gribble Hedlund is an associate faculty member. She has practiced dentistry in Atlanta since 1994 and lectures on esthetic dentistry. She has received her Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry; this is an honor held by fewer than 2% of dentists in the country.