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What is Occlusal Equilibration?


What is occlusal equilibration?

Occlusal equilibration basically is balancing up the bite to where the jaw joint is seated properly.

We always start with a healthy joint, making sure that it's seated properly, in Centric Relation, and then we want all the teeth to come together with equal pressure, and then when the jaw moves at all, just the front teeth touch.

The old saying of dots in the back, lines in the front, but the occlusal equilibration is basically making sure that the teeth hit all in the proper position.

How to Schedule an Occlusal Equilibration Appointment

Stephen Hoard, DDS is an associate faculty member at The Dawson Academy and leads the Twin Rivers Study Club. He owns his practice in New Bern, NC where he practices full-time. Dr. Hoard teaches The Dawson Academy’s core curriculum, particularly Treatment Planning and Examination & Records.