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Our Top 10 Dental Articles of 2014

Top 10 Dental Articles of 2014It is hard for us to believe that 2014 is almost over and 2015 is upon us. The following is a round-up of our most popular dental articles of 2014. Enjoy!

How to Discover Occlusal Muscle Disorders

One of the key components of a complete exam is the palpation of the masticatory muscles. In this article Dr. Jeff Scott covers red flags when speaking with patients, questions to ask them and how to verify that a patietn has an occluso muscle disorder.

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Webinar: How to Effectively Equilibrate the Natural Dentition

Following proper diagnosis and treatment planning, occlusal equilibration can provide selected patients with the most conservative, predictable and safest treatment possible. In this webinar Dr. John Cranham presents two equilibration cases, going over the goal of every occlusion and more.

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Understanding the Language of Smile Design

In this article Dr. Scott Finlay discusses the recent changes made to the AACD Guide to Accreditation Guide, which he helped author. He goes through the reasons for these changes and how it can help dentists be that much more successful.

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Rehabilitating the Completely Edentulous Patient

Rehabilitating the completely edentulous patient is one of the most challenging tasks we face in restorative dentistry, and for me, the most rewarding. Read step-by-step how Dr. Kim Daxon completes a successful denture case. 

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Books Every Dentist Should Read

Books are a great resource for learning how to be a better version of you. They can help us clinically. They can teach us how to be a better leader and boss. And they can also help us with how we live our personal lives. In this article are a collection of books our faculty members love and recommend every dentist (or team) read.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Digital Photos in Your Dental Practice

The use of digital photography has changed the practice of Complete Dentistry for the better.  One reason is it allows us to view, edit, and modify images with ease.  Dr. Neeraj Khanna goes through 5 common mistakes when it comes to taking digital photos of patients.

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14 Tools & Materials for Accurate Exams & Records

Taking accurate patient examinations and records are crucial to developing a treatment plan and therefore delivering predictable results. There are many tools that can help make this task easier and more accurate.  Here is our go-to list of 14 tools and materials needed for patients examinations & records.

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The Dawson Academy's T-Scan® Protocol

There are many tools we use in order to perfect an occlusion. The T-Scan® is one of those tools. It can help us precisely diagnose malocclusions, adjust a splint, equilibrate and more. In this article Dr. Andrew Cobb outlines the The Dawson Academy T-Scan Protocol for various procedures.

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Webinar: Dental Insurance Roundtable

Patients love having dental coverage and employers compete for employees by subsidizing these benefits; all the while insurance companies profit handsomely connecting everyone through networks. Every single dental practice is affected by 3rd party dental benefit plans on a daily basis and this subject is the focus of many questions The Dawson Academy faculty receive at each of our courses.

During this hour-long roundtable format webinar, Drs. Upadya and Hess bring different perspectives, including being in and out of network, transitioning to fee-for-service, and working in both associate and group practices. As a practice management consultant, Larry Guzzardo has worked with scores of dentists throughout the country helping them choose a strategy that works best for their situation. 

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2 Common Mistakes When Load Testing

Load testing is an important part of verifying centric relation.  The purpose is to verify that your patient is in centric after you think they are there. In order to master this technique, it takes a solid understanding of how the masticatory system works and some practice through repetition. In this article Dr. Peter Dawson goes over 2 common mistakes when load testing & how to fix them.

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