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Dawson Quick Tip: Getting Patients to Ask for Solutions

The complete examination is probably one of the most important things you can do as we go through this process of complete dentistry. It's where you're going to make all the treatment decisions from, it's where we're going to identify what the problems are, whether they're functional, bacterial, or aesthetic.

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And in this process, if we do the co-diagnostic examination in the way Pete has taught us, the patient is part of this process. They get to hear what their issues are. We can talk about signs and implications. What will happen if they don't seek treatment?

And if we do this correctly at the end of it, most patients are going to want to choose health. They're going to want to solve their problems. They're going to look for us to establish a treatment plan that's going to do that for them. So do the complete examination, do the co-diagnostic process, and your patients will be asking you to solve their problems.

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Dr. Cobb is Director of Core Curriculum and senior faculty member, Cobb Dentistry, owner and practicing dentist. He is a noted speaker with 18 years of experience lecturing both nationally and internationally.