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Private Care Creed for Complete Care Dentistry

dental private practice creedAt our recent dental ce course, Advanced Problem Solving course on St. Pete Beach, Florida, Dr. Peter Dawson mentioned the 'Private Care Creed' that is so important to live by in order to practice complete care dentistry and to give patients the care they deserve. This creed was created by the Schuster Center in 1995.

We believe that every person should have the freedom to establish and participate in an environment that promotes these beliefs:

    •  That all individuals should be cared for with dignity and respect.
    • That all persons should exercise their human rights of freedom of choice, the pursuit of happiness (both spiritual and material) and the duty of personal responsibility.
    • That health-centered (caring) methods and models should be promoted and practiced in lieu of disease-centered (curing) methods and models.
    • That voluntary, interdependent relationships should be created based on shared values.
    • In the freedom to create an environment conducive to improvement of the quality of life of all parties concerned.
    • That health is based on the freedom to establish healthy, interdependent relationships, rather than dysfunctional dependency or co-dependency relationships.

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