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5 Requirements for Occlusal Stability

dental occlusionThere is nothing more critical for the practicing dentist than the abilities to both recognize occlusal instability and achieve occlusal stability. The fundamental goal of treatment planning is to achieve a result that will not cause breakdown in the stomatognathic system and to provide long-term stability.

These 5 requirements of occlusal stability are:

1. Stable contacts on all teeth of equal intensity in centric relation

2. Anterior guidance in harmony with the envelope of function

3. All posterior teeth disclude during mandibular protrusive movement

4. All posterior teeth disclude on the non-working side during mandibular lateral movement

5. All posterior teeth disclude on the working side during mandibular lateral movement

In this complimentary whitepaper, Senior Faculty Member, Dr. Glenn DuPont, outlines and explains the the 5 criterion necessary for long-term stability and occlusal stability.

A few of these criterion involve:

  • Stable contacts
  • Anterior guidance
  • Disclusion

To download this whitepaper, click here.

Picture of Dr. Glenn DuPont

Glenn DuPont, DDS is a senior faculty member at The Dawson Academy, and one of the original faculty members. He co-owns DuPont & Wilkerson Dentistry in St. Petersburg, FL with fellow faculty member Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson. He has taught the Core Curriculum to thousands of dentists all around the world.