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A second life through Complete Dentistry

As I sat having lunch with a group of dentists at Seminar 2 dental course in March of 2010, one dentist at the table stood out.  His story was like none I had heard in  dentistry.  
We have all heard stories of people who have cheated death and found a new appreciation and enthusiasm for life and all the things they want to accomplish.  For Dr. John Iverson, a diagnosis of terminal cancer sent him on a journey to be the best he could be.  He realized that learning the Dawson philosophy of Complete Care was not for him, but for his patients. 
After a 6 year gap from the time he attended his first Dawson seminar, he embarked on a 17 month fast track through the Dawson Curriculum, driven by an urgency created by the cancer.  Don’t miss hearing his compelling journey.